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Hailing from West London, we are an exciting 4-piece Alternative Rock Band covering songs from the late 80s thru to the 00s.
Comprising of 4 experienced musicians, our ethos is all around providing our audience with a fantastic experience, ensuring that they go home, remembering the evening for a very long time!

Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar


Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals


Bass Guitar and Backing Vocals


Drums and

Backing Vocals

Colin has been in bands since his mid-teens, starting with his first real band, Kindred and played in the local music scene in the Midlands.

After moving to London, he took a break from music before joining Barrie to create a successful rock covers band, Firefly, in West London in 2015.

When that project came to an end, he joined Barrie again to form Stoneheart and rocks the Lead Vocals whilst enjoying a bit of Rhythm Guitar.

Barrie was drawn to the guitar while listening to Glam Rock in the early 70s. He was in his first band at school in his mid teens and then progressed on to listening to, and playing, heavy rock.

In the early 80s, whilst as a regular at the heavy rock nightclub, The Bandwagon, and at the time of the NWOBHM scene (New Wave of British Heavy Metal), Barrie and a group of friends formed a band, which became Lyadrive, and together they launched a single which achieved some critical acclaim.

Barrie became increasingly influenced by the Blues and is now at home playing a wide range of musical styles with his signature energy and enthusiasm.

Mitch started playing bass at the age of 13 when a family member lent him an old bass. After teaching himself to play, by the age of 15, he was gigging with friends in local clubs around his home town of Watford.
Mitch later joined forces with his brother, Louis, to form Furs and Masks, releasing several riff-driven rock tracks through the record label, RYP.
His inspiration comes from his Grandfather, Wally Whyton, who performed in The Vipers Skiffle Group in the '50s, and later did a lot of TV and radio wotk for the BBC.
Eric, aka. Ernie to his friends (something to do with a Grecian Urn apparently) or Eric the Greek to people who can’t pronounce his surname, was inspired to play drums by all the great 70s rock that was going on at the time.
He took up the sticks in his mid-teens and went on to drive his family and neighbours insane by playing along to early Queen, Montrose, Deep Purple and the like, as well as rehearsing with schoolmates, at full volume in his bedroom.
Gigging followed in the late 70s and he went on to form Fugitive, a regular circuit gigging hard rock band in the style of Lizzy and UFO. Other ventures included, Ash and Seducer (more rock) and a brief dip into the New Romantic era with a band called Tabula Rasa.
A couple of recent outings on open mike nights at various locations have re-kindled his love of live performing

Our FutureGigs


Sat 20th Nov 2021

The Brook House, Hayes
The Western, Rickmansworth

Sat 27th Nov 2021

The Western, Rickmansworth
The Black Horse

Fri 3rd Dec 2021

The Black Horse, Eastcote

Sat 18th Dec 2021

Private Party

Fri 31st Dec 2021

New Year's Eve @ The Swan, Abbots Langley
The Fig Tree

Fri 28th Jan 2022

The Fig Tree, Uxbridge
The Fig Tree

Fri 25th Feb 2022

The Fig Tree, Uxbridge
The Fig Tree

Fri 18th Mar 2022

The Fig Tree, Uxbridge

SOME of the bands we cover

Take Me Out
Somebody Told Me
Hard To Handle
Unknown TrackUnknown Artist
Unknown TrackUnknown Artist
Unknown TrackUnknown Artist
Unknown TrackUnknown Artist


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